Tim Malloy

Between the ebb and flow of a chronic illness that required 32 surgeries, has pushed forward and carved a path of distinction in both the world of basketball and business. As a 40+ year veteran referee of IAABO Board 34, Tim has worked numerous New Jersey state playoff games and climbed the ladder to the college ranks. Tim officiated as a member of CBOA where he earned Division II and III playoff assignments. Off the court, Tim was a front office executive for the NBA World Champion Philadelphia 76ers in 1983 and served as the team's Assistant Group Sales Director and Public Relations Director for seven seasons. Tim later worked as a Sales and Promotions representative for Converse Inc., where he was a two-time Salesman-of-the Year award winner. He also holds a U.S. Patent for a golf training device that received a 4-star rating in Golf Magazine and is the co-author of the sports reference books, “GameTracker Journal” and “Beyond the Rules” for basketball. Tim is a graduate of St. Joseph’s University (PA) and resides in West Deptford, NJ with his wife Pattie, son Matt and daughter Mary Frances.

Get A Leg Up On Kicking

The question before the committee – that being you and your partners on the officiating crew – is whether the official was correct in granting the timeout to Team A when A-1 gained possession of the ball by securing it between their legs.

Inbounding the New Season

In a hotly contested game after a made basket, B-1 is attempting to inbounds the ball while being pressured on the end line by A-1.

B-1 steps on the end line and passes the ball to B-2 who is out of bounds. B-2 subsequently bounces the ball while standing out of bounds?

Team A’s fans, and it’s head coach, loudly point out the position of B-1’s foot on the end line and scream for a penalty.

Others scream at B-2 for bouncing the ball on the throw-in.

Should the official rule any of these a violation?