High School Hardwood

Check out a cool podcast interview with “60 Seconds on Officiating’s” own Billy Martin.
Radio host Dan Blackman probes on some of the top rules coaches, players, and fans get wrong in high school basketball.

This Podcast is a comprehensive look at high school basketball in the areas of coaching, players, and refereeing with “The Breeze’s” (FM 106.1) Philadelphia radio personality Dan Blackman.

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2 thoughts on “High School Hardwood

  1. Great interview. I probably would have come up with a slightly different top five misunderstood rules by fans. I probably would have included:
    – kicking – has to be intentional
    – “over the back” – not in the rule book. On the back or pushing the back is a foul but a kid can jump or reach higher to get a rebound and if the player from behind can grab the ball in the air while leaping straight up and reaching forward then that is legal. High school doesn’t have a rule that your vertical cylinder can only be occupied by you.
    – incidental contact (4-27) which is obviously a bit of a judgment call in some cases but basketball is a contact sport unlike what it might have been when dad or grandad played the game.
    – closely guarded – 6 feet from the frontmost feet of the two players not the torso
    – I would have expanded the 3-sec conversation to remind listeners that it only applies when the team has control of the ball in their frontcourt AND control ends when the ball is in flight for the basket. So a teammate can stay in the lane for 2.99 seconds and as soon as there is a basketball shot, the count ends and is only restarted from 0 (not 2.99) when the team regains the rebound.

    Maybe the segment should have been the top 10 rules that fans don’t seem to understand because I don’t disagree with the 5 that were discussed just wish these would have been mentioned due to the number of times we all hear yelling about these rules. 🙂

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