NCAA Officials Wired Up

Listen in as top college officials use preventative officiating techniques caught on camera.

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3 thoughts on “NCAA Officials Wired Up

  1. Another great Ref “60seconds video moment of NCAA college basketball game on official wired up. Thanks again Billy Martin keep up the good work.This helps me a lot on moving up to the next level. you really are helping out officials all around thanks again. Pete Orozco, IAABO Board 33.

  2. This year I’ve witnessed the worst officiating by NCAA refs. Even when they take 5plus minutes to review for fouls ect. They still get many of their calls wrong!! I only hope the NCAA reviews as many games as possible, to see the bad calls!! Some of these refs need to be retrained when making calls that were not fouls and calls that should have been fouls!!

  3. What if 5 seconds after the buzzer goes off and the kids are about to shake hands and part of the score board is cleared off, the ref calls a tech on the coach. Is that legal? I never heard of it being done before and just need some answers. Just asking for a team?

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