When Does the Goal Count

Watch this video of a missed dunk … and make the ruling … does the goal COUNT or should the teams CONTINUE play?

Watch this video below (with the sound turned off) and decide for yourself if the goal should count.

Play it again (with sound on) and scroll down for the proper ruling.

Scroll Down for the proper ruling.







Ruling:  No goal, continue play.

  • For the goal to be scored a live ball that is not a throw-in must enter the basket from above and remains in or pass through.
  • If the ball passed completely through the net and then was deflected or bounced back upward through the basket – then it would be counted.
  • If the ball passed through the rim and remained lodged in the netting (because of a tangle or broken twine) — then it would be counted.

Here is another example where no goal was scored.


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3 thoughts on “When Does the Goal Count

  1. And also, in the first clip, the guy sure looks like he traveled not once, but twice (before the dunk attempt)!

  2. Agreed with JWright as it was a travel.Why not a technical as well. No need to grasp the ring as he was in control and didn’t need the ring to regain balance or for safety.

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