Rough Play on Camera

Intentional foul video goes viral. How would YOU handle these situations.

Would your crew have allowed this game to progress to a point like this?

What could have been done to prevent such “hard” fouling.

We welcome your commentary below.

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11 thoughts on “Rough Play on Camera

  1. On one of the fouls the one official goes up to #34 talks to him and then pats him on the rear
    If I were the coach I would have thought about taking my team off the floor

  2. If either Official was looking at the expressions of the defensive players in question they would have clearly seen that they were purposely trying to injure someone. their expressions after the play says it all. Flagrant foul and ejections on 2 of white team players.

  3. Just a disgrace
    Officials seemed afraid to do the right things
    Even in flagrant #2 the lead official doesn’t call the rebounder out of bounds prior to the foul occurring
    Those guys couldn’t work CYO

  4. There is no doubt this goon (#34) should have been ejected from the game. But if the order called was the order in which events happened, “flagrant foul #1” was not flagrant (by itself). Certainly the player should have been talked to and if it happened AFTER some of the other events, it would have been looked at in the bigger picture and cause for an ejection.
    “Flagrant foul #2” was not a flagrant foul – period. Would you call it an intentional foul? Probably.
    “Flagrant foul #3” would be the point #34 is walked back to his bench so a coach can escort him to the locker room.
    “Flagrant foul #4” would be the point #42 is shown where his friend #34 is at. At this point, if the officials were doing their job, maybe it would be time to have a discussion with the coaches, ya think?
    #5 & #6, geez, I can’t even try to make excuses for these officials any longer.
    My point is that #1 & 2 are not (by themselves) flagrant, intentional maybe, but we as officials need to remember that when we do a varsity game, there could be 3-100 people recording a play or the game and it is the person recording’s interpretation of the rules on this YouTube video.

  5. Agree 1&2 intentional the rest make it hard not call them flagrant
    #34 needed to be gone early he and #42 became the bash brothers by
    not dealing with there fouls early it just allowed them to get worse
    as it goes.
    Interpretartions are always a bit gray 3 people 3 levels of a call but
    when bodies are being knocked to the floor and you can see they are aiming for the head or face it becomes cut and dry

  6. I’m brand new in officiating, and glad to have found this. Even as a rookie I can see 34’s body language and expressions. They make it clear from his first intentional foul that needs reigned in quickly or things will certainly devolve. I don’t pretend to know much about officiating at this point, but I know a disaster waiting to happen when I see it. His first foul was intentional as I see it (only by giving him the first foul benefit of the doubt), but no doubt he should have been warned firmly right then by one of the crew. With that perspective, his next foul is flagrant and he should have been ejected before he had the chance to commit that ridiculous clothesline flagrant in the lane or the intentional rebounding foul. 42’s first foul is intentional, but the push chasing the loose ball is flagrant, followed by obvious unsportsmanlike conduct – probably feeding off the conduct of 34 which was permitted to continue. He should be gone as well at that point. For game management purposes alone these two and their coach should have been addressed early on.

  7. Yeah, the maker of the video has mislabeled a few of these as “flagrant fouls”. When 34 grabs the shooter on his try with a really bad arm I considered flagrant, and the push of the player into the screening player would have had me talk to my partner about the possibility of flagrant fouls. I believe all of the others are intentional fouls. My crew ends would have seen an end to that after the 2nd one or we’d see some ejected players-and actually I’m hoping an intentional call and a reminder that bad fouls like that will be punished in my game would hopefully stop all that after the first.

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