Ability to be a Valued Referee

Your peer evaluations and coaches ratings all say you certainly have the ability to manage a basketball game, yet your schedule doesn’t reflect this assessment.

The feedback you’ve been receiving at off-season camps and clinics is that you have the ability to rise to great heights as an official, but your assignor doesn’t seem to share these sentiments.

So what gives?

The problem may be that while your on-court ability to inspire confidence with partners, coaches, and clinicians is impressive, your off-court ability does little to impress your assignor.

While you won’t be able to rise up the officiating ladder without consistent and credible on-court abilty; your assignor is also grading you on your AVAIL-ability and DEPEND-ability.

No one would suggest you put your officiating avocation ahead of your family and work responsibilities; but the reality is your assignor has an obligation to the schools and leagues he or she covers, and if your RELI-ability is not something they can consistently count on, then your schedule will no doubt reflect that fact.

So if you want to move up on your assignor’s depth chart, you might consider:

  •  Lightening your work schedule and commitments during the season, when possible, on the heavier game nights, and shifting these duties to off-nights.
  •  If you’re involved with your child’s extra-curricular activities, offer to take a supporting or assistant coaches role that might allow you more flexibility to handle your officiating responsibilities.
  •  If car problems have caused you to miss more than one game assignment, you might want to invest in a more dependable form of transportation. The potential to take on more game assignments with better wheels, could likely cover the added monthly car payments.

It is commendable you’re willing to to put in the extra work to be a valued official in the eyes of coaches, outside observers, and by your peers. Just make sure you take the necessary steps to inspire the same confidence from your assignor.


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