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Inbounding During Transition

In a TWO PERSON CREW during a quick transition, sometimes the ball will be deflected out of bounds by the defense on the LEAD’S SIDELINE (while transitioning).

Depending on WHERE the ball kicks out … determines WHO will administer the throw-in.

Here’s a couple easy ways to remember and review during your two person crew pre-game. In these situations YOU ARE THE LEAD.

Whenever the ball goes out of bounds in the FRONT COURT -if YOU blow the line … then YOU INBOUND the ball.

In figure 1, the ball kicks out in the front court as the new lead is transitioning down the court. Blow the line and handle the ball which causes the old trail to become the new lead. It’s a long run but is consistent with other front court mechanics in a two person crew.


Whenever the ball goes out of bounds in the BACK COURT –if YOU blow the line … the TRAIL will always INBOUND the ball.

In figure 2, the new lead is up helping on the sideline in transition. The ball is deflected out of bounds and we are still heading up court in the same direction. Here, give up the inbounds to the trail who administers ALL LINES in the BACK COURT.


The same mechanics apply to the crew in a standard front court set. If you blow a line in the front court … you will administer the throw in.

Talk about this in pre-game and your dead ball efficiency will be maximized.

(Reference: IAABO Mechanics Manual)

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