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When we launched “60 Seconds on Officiating” in 2005, our goal was to shatter the basketball rule book and present the pieces in an easy-to-absorb, “reality-based” manner that would attract referees, and anyone else in the global basketball community, who preferred to take in their knowledge of the rules in small but steady doses.

Every topic posted on our REF 60 website (www.Ref60.com ) presented to make that piece of the game easier to understand, easier to remember, and we believe, easier to rule for an official when the situation presents itself in a game.

In addition to serving up the rules in palatable portions, our “60 Seconds” posts also offer meaningful game managements strategies and styles that have been practiced successfully by some the officiating leaders in the game today.

And our newest publication, “The Best of 60 Seconds on Officiating” has bundled the prime cuts of our web and email posts and presents them as another powerful reference tool to help build your officiating career.

We take great pride in making sure every measure of content created under our “60 Seconds on Officiating” teaching umbrella, is done so with the critical understanding that officials must be mindful of “sharpening their axe” in order to deliver their best performance in every game they are assigned.

Because the painful reality for all of us is, there is no standing still, or staying the same. You are either getting better or you’re getting worse…

The status quo, as it were, and those who find comfort in it, are being downsized and moved out on a daily basis.

Like the proverbial under-performing lumberjack who was, ‘too busy to take time to sharpen his axe;’ no official can afford to embrace the approach of being too busy working games to take time to sharpen their understanding of the rules and their proper application.

So we invite you to put your nose, as well as your eyes, to our latest literary grindstone – Ref 60.com and The Best of 60 Seconds on Officiating – and watch your sharpened officiating abilities break free of the gravitational pull to mediocrity on your way to obscurity, and push through to a level of superiority that will have you and your polished talents in demand by assignors, favored by coaches and welcomed by spectators.

Yours in officiating,

Billy Martin, Tim Malloy, and Al Battista



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