Beyond the Rules 2 on Amazon

This is Volume 2 of Tips, Techniques, and Best Practices for Scholastic / Collegiate Basketball Officials.

Topics include: Handling the Opening Toss, Primary Coverage Areas (PCA) , When A Dribble Begins and Ends, Interrupted Dribble, Dribbling and Palming, When a Try Begins, When a Try Ends, The Three Second Rule, Goaltending and Basket Interference, The Ten Second Count, Closely Guarded, Designated Spot, Breaking the Plane, Last Touch – First Touch, Backcourt Violations During the Inbounds, Understanding Player and Team Control, Timeouts: Who and When, Dealing with Injuries, Correctable Errors, Fouls by the Inbounding Team, Contact with the Basket / Net or Backboard, Sliding or Rolling with the Ball, Swinging Elbows, Coach and Bench Decorum, Legal Screens, Substitutes, Block – Charge, Double Fouls and the “Blarge”, Throw-In Spots, Free Throws and Free Throw Coverage.