Video Rulebook – is Must See TV

The NBA has created a tool for officials at every level.

NBA Video Rulebook:

The fundamental rules of basketball are “relatively” consistent across all levels — from elementary school, through high school, into college and then NBA.  Yes there are some nuances as it comes to applying these rules but the basics of advantage / disadvantage, dribbling, traveling, fouls and violations are very similar from one level to the next.

The NBA has produced an amazing resource for their fan base to understand how NBA officials actually referee the game called the NBA Video Rulebook.  Additionally these tools make an extremely important resource for scholastic and collegiate basketball officials – in every phase of their career.

There are dozens of videos on topics such as:

  • Block / Charge
  • Post Play
  • Screens / Picks
  • Flagrant Fouls
  • Traveling / Dribbling Violations
  • Free Throws

While the NBA has specific penalties that vary from NFHS and NCAA rule sets the videos show in close-up and slow motion fashion these plays and the proper rulings – live on the floor.

Even though there are thousands of basketball video plays on YouTube and other sites that can help you “see plays” the NBA has provided a comprehensive set of catalogued plays for officials to “see and learn” all in one location.  Taking a few hours prior (or during) the season will be well worth the investment.

Visit the NBA Video Rulebook by CLICKING HERE.

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  1. Yes, the NBA Video Rule Book has proven to be an outstanding resource, however many of the videos are no longer accessible. Can anyone tell me who to contact to see if this can be rectified?

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