The GameTracker Journal is Here

Be inspired, educated, challenged and prepared for EVERY game!


This is the latest tool for scholastic basketball officials to self-improve your game from the creators of “60 Seconds on Officiating“.

amazonbooksThis 160+ page journal provides an innovative way to capture pregame and postgame performance for up to 60 games in one easy to use tool.  Follow along each day to be inspired, reinforce learning and be challenged on key scholastic rule topics — one game at a time!

Below is an excerpt from the GameTracker Journal’s introductory chapter that will hopefully inspire you to improve YOUR GAME this coming season.

100% of the proceeds go directly toward continued education of sports officials.

GameTracker™ Journal Overview

By acquiring the GameTracker™ Journal, you join the 24 million people that spend billions of dollars every year on self-improvement programs. This industry includes a variety of market segments from holistic institutes, infomercials, books and audio books, motivational speakers, websites, seminars, personal coaching, online education, weight loss, and stress management programs.  This one if specifically for YOU — the scholastic basketball referee!

Like all self-improvement programs, they come with a promise.  So here’s ours:

If you are diligent and follow this prescription for success… you will become a better basketball official by the end of this season.

In fact, you might even become (what we have determined to be) a GREAT Official.  That’s right, great!  More than just average.  Better than just mediocre. We’re talking GREAT.  You will improve on a game-by-game basis by following some simple concepts, commit to on-going learning and applying some dedication to your personal journey this season.

It doesn’t matter if you are months away from opening day or deep into the season … it is never too early, or too late, to begin this path forward.

Tools for Improvement

This GameTracker™ Journal is a key tool in the GREAT Official framework that will guide you each and every game to be a better referee.  It’s up to YOU to make the commitment and trust the improvement process.

This tool is broken into three major components:

  • This Intro section – Our Path Forward, will also give you an overview on HOW to use the GameTracker™ Journal, as a tool. Additionally in Part 1 we will guide you on a key exercise in goal setting called V2MOM (pronounced Vee-Two-Mom).  We recommend you read this carefully and complete the V2MOM activities that are designed to get you started on the right foot this season.  There is a checklist on page 8 to guide you. This is your blueprint for success — so follow it carefully!
  • Part 2 describes what a GREAT Official looks like.  If you could be the model referee, what would that be?  We have provided a comprehensive framework of the key competencies you should aim for when developing as an official.  Use this model as a foundation for setting your personal improvement goals this coming season.
  • The final section Part 3 and back-half of this tool is the actual GameTracker Journal. This is where you will live and breathe each and every game.  We have provided 60 games worth of inspiration, learning and self-improvement tools.  It is designed for you to capture feedback, assessments, ideas, notes and future improvement tasks as the season progresses.  



About Billy Martin

Co-creator of "60 Seconds on Officiating" and co-author of Beyond the Rules (book series) for Basketball Officials. Billy is a 35+ year basketball official with IAABO (Camden Board 34 and Cum-Cape 196, in Southern NJ). He also is a collegiate softball umpire with the Eastern Collegiate Softball Umpires (ECSU), and created the best selling "Bluebook 60" for fastpitch umpires, and coaches. He is considered one of the nations top authors and instructors on basketball officiating for over two decades. He lives in Wildwood, New Jersey - just a few steps away from the sand and surf. Contact: Website | Facebook | Twitter | More Posts