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As a basketball official we all know the value of a balance between work and life.

I’ve been extremely fortunate for the past 7+ years to be working for the most INNOVATIVE technology organization in the world — Salesforce.

Based in San Francisco, we have offices around the globe and provide an environment for employees to flourish in a remote setting providing the ability to travel and make your schedule fit the needs of a busy sports official.

My team is looking for “top-notch” business professionals in several categories.

  • Sales – one of our top needs !
  • Sales Enablement – my team.
  • Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Services
  • Marketing

If you have interest in exploring a career @Salesforce — I can provide you with a VIP introduction to the company.  For this you must follow the steps below – exactly as described.

1) Go to our “Dream Job” website and SEARCH for a career opportunity that matches your interest with skills required.  DO NOT APPLY ONLINE , yet.  Link to Dream Job Central (Search).  Start there first.

2) Copy and Paste the LINK of the desired career opportunity, including the Job Title, in an email for Billy Martin ( )  In this same email attach a copy of your RESUME that is targeted toward this job posting.

3) If there is a good fit … I will personally put your resume through our “Friends and Family” referral program that will guarantee a fast response.  You will hear right away if there is a fit and more interest in driving toward a possible interview.  Follow the instructions carefully in the response from the company.

Note:  If you apply directly online – there is no guarantee in response time and you fall into the general applicant pool with thousands of other career seekers.

While I cannot guarantee being hired … you can count on special treatment and a definite response, either way.

Find your match first … send me the link and resume … and our team will respond back to you very quickly.

Wherever your career takes you we at 60 Seconds on Officiating wish you the best of luck and are always here to provide networking opportunities with thousands of officials around the world.

About Billy Martin

Co-creator of "60 Seconds on Officiating" and co-author of Beyond the Rules (book series) for Basketball Officials. Billy is a 35+ year basketball official with IAABO (Camden Board 34 and Cum-Cape 196, in Southern NJ). He also is a collegiate softball umpire with the Eastern Collegiate Softball Umpires (ECSU), and created the best selling "Bluebook 60" for fastpitch umpires, and coaches. He is considered one of the nations top authors and instructors on basketball officiating for over two decades. He lives in Wildwood, New Jersey - just a few steps away from the sand and surf. Contact: Website | Facebook | Twitter | More Posts

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  1. Hi, Billy. I work for Anthem and we just converted from IAvenue to SalesForce and it’s great.

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