Administrative Technical?

Three minutes before the high school game starts, the head coach of Team B adds one name to the squad list and is assessed a technical foul. Just before the officials are ready to administer the first technical foul, the scorer informs the referee that two Team B designated starters are not starting. Should you assess another technical foul … or just one? What’s your ruling?

No, you should only assess ONE technical foul (administrative type) as part of this sequence prior to the start of the game.

NFHS Reference: 3-2-2

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  1.' Dan Shepardson // December 6, 2013 at 8:45 am // Reply

    I love this site and the “quick-hitting” rules questions. To be completely accurate, the “title” of this question is not correct. The term “administrative technical” is a college term. The play you are describing and questioning for NFHS rules is a “Team” technical, not administrative. Keep up the great work.
    Dan Shepardson

  2.' Les O'Connor Jr. // December 6, 2013 at 1:41 pm // Reply

    Hello all,

    I’m a new official (to basketball anyway) and there are a few things that I’m not quite clear on yet. Just to make sure that I’ve got it straight –

    At the 10 minute mark, all of Team A’s players are not listed in the book (Technical foul, correct?)

    At the 5 minute mark, Team A decides to change two of their starters (additional Technical?)

    As the players take the court seconds before the game starts, a Team A player who is not listed in the book at all comes out on the floor (additional Technical?)

    So, with the above scenario my question is this – 3 Technicals or only 1?



    •' Dan Shepardson // December 6, 2013 at 2:34 pm // Reply

      Hi Les,
      Not sure the protocol here, if the owners of the site respond or anyone, but here is the answer to your question and a fairly simple way, I hope, to help you remember. IF the team gets the team roster in the book and the starters identified by the 10-min mark designated in the rules, then there is a MAXIMUM of ONE technical that can be charged after that time for ANY “book issue” e.g. changing a number, adding a player, etc.

      IF they don’t meet that requirement i.e. the roster and starters are not in the book by 10-mins (this is by rule, reality may be different) then that is ONE technical foul charged to the “team” for failure to meet that rule. IF after that, there are “book issues” then an additional technical foul will be charged. In this situation (roster and/or starters not in by the 10-mins AND a “book issue” after that) there is a MAXIMUM of TWO technicals that can be charged. Never more than two for “book issues.” Hopefully this helps…


      • Thanks for jumping in Dan. It’s interesting that I’ve had this conversation before too. The term “Administrative” can be found in the NFHS rule book, under “Type of Technical Foul” on the technical foul chart in the back of the rules section. I agree, it’s not a term you will find in the actual Rule/Section part of the book but it does appear in the technical fouls quick guide. We appreciate you jumping in to help clarify this for our readers.

      •' Les O'Connor Jr. // December 12, 2013 at 9:21 am // Reply


        Thanks a lot for responding to my question; I apologize for the delayed response, it’s been a very hectic week at home/work. I like the way that you explained it using the “Maximum of 1 / Maximum of 2” principle. That will help me remember what to do when/if I’m faced with these types of situations.

        Thanks again,


  3. Quick correction – the rule requires only that the roster and designated starters be supplied to the official scorer at the 10 minute mark, not that they be entered in the book already.

  4. Hello. What is the proper procedure in High school basketball. The ball is hit out of bounds by Al and before B1 in bounds the ball the scorers table reports that B2 is not in the book.

  5. Here is a question that seems to be different. If a coach forgets to add a player to the book the team receives a Technical. I got that part. Is that assets directly to the coach and does he have to sit the rest of the game? It has happen to me and only once has the official said I “Must’ now stay seated for the remainder of the game.

  6.' YVETTE MICHELLE PERRY // February 5, 2017 at 12:37 pm // Reply

    What if Team A and Team B both have book issues after the 10 minute mark. Do you shoot both Technicals or do they offset each other?

  7. Does administrative technical count as a team foul ?

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